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Posted by Jamila on March 18, 2014

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Student Life at York University

Congratulations! You’ve just been admitted to York University and this is a big step for you. There must be a lot of things running through your mind right now. You’re probably thinking about all the things you have to do from this point forward and wondering where to begin. This could be very exciting and overwhelming at the same time for anyone who is going through this entire process alone. This is where a checklist comes in very handy. Wouldn’t it be easy to settle into school if someone just handed you a list of things to do once you received your offer of admission? I know many current students can relate to this and wish that someone was there to offer guidance. Written for a future student by a current student to help you prepare you for the school year, here is a detailed checklist of your next steps. As you cross each item off your list, you will begin to feel better prepared for university life.

1. Accept Your Offer of Admission: You can accept your offer of admission by confirming on MyFile before the deadline stated in your offer letter.

2. Book an enrollment appointment: This is an appointment with your faculty/program. It is the answer for almost any academic-related question you have like “how do I add/drop courses?” It will help you understand your program requirements and the amount of course load you can take. It will also help you in selecting courses, applying any transfer credits and creating your course time-table. A minimum of 3 courses is considered as full-time course load. Most students in their first year avoid enrolling in 5 courses (full-time).

YorkU financial services staff

3. Pay Your School Fees: Once you have enrolled, a registration deposit is due and it needs to be paid before the deadline. Then, it’s time to start thinking about paying up the rest of those tuition fees. The registration deposit is a non-refundable fee that ensures you  have a place in the courses that you have enrolled in and it also goes towards your overall tuition fees. You can make a payment by online or telephone banking only.

4. Apply for Financial Aid: You can apply for financial assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Even if you do not need a student loan, completing it will determine your eligibility for bursaries. A bursary is a monetary award that is granted to as student on the basis of financial need. It is different from a loan in that the student does not need to be paid back the money. Booking an appointment online to have someone explain your options is very helpful. You can also explore other options for funding your education and living expenses such looking for a part-time job through the Career Centre.

Campus tour at York University

 5. Book a Campus Tour: If you’ve ever been to the YorkU campus, you will notice that it’s really big. The probability that you will get lost during your first few weeks of school is a lot. You can avoid that by booking a campus tour online. Plan a week in advance to figure out where your classes and lecture halls are located. Discover the gym and library, visit the bookstore and find places to eat.

6. Housing/ Residence Support: If you live far away from campus, you might want to consider where you are going to live. Staying close to where you go to school always makes a positive difference. Many students apply to stay in residence to get the total York experience. Others choose to stay off campus or at the York Village houses. There is more information about the campus residences on the Housing website:

Student support at York University

7. Get Your Student Resources and Support: York University has so many resources to help and support students that you should know about. Match you academic interests with co-curricular experiences by joining clubs via YU ConnectImprove your chances of getting top-notch grades using the learning skills services. Any children you have can attend the Co-op Daycare while you go to class. Plan your commute in and out of YorkU campuses with the variety of transportation services available. If you are driving, research about parking permits on campus.

Did you just get accepted to York University and have a ton of questions you need answers to ? What would you like to know? Drop me a line and I’d be happy to help! 🙂