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Posted by Megan on March 10, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

Hi Readers!

So some of you have recently accepted your offer from York – congratulations and welcome to our family!

Today I’m going to highlight some of the BEST clubs for YOU.  University is hardly just about getting good grades. More importantly it’s a time to network, get involved, and learn more about yourself – all three of which help you get better grades than you would have otherwise 😉

Don’t forget all of these and more can be found on YU Connect – I just highlighted some of the more well known ones!

The Best Clubs for Your Degree

Almost every program and faculty has a matching club or association that connects to it. Most of these offer free tutorials, networking resources, and much more. However there are far too many to list in this article so instead I’m going to show you how to find these yourself.

Start by logging into YU Connect and clicking on ‘Organizations’ in the top red bar. You should see something like this:

An image depicting a screen shot of the YU Connect Organizations Directory.
As you can see, I opened the ‘Categories’ tab on the left hand side. From there, the three sections you will want to look at include: Academic Department, Professional and Preparatory Organizations, and Student Government – Faculty.


The Best Clubs for Your Hobbies

Interested in Astronomy? Why not check out the Astronomy Club? We actually have our own observatory on campus too so I’m sure there’s a great potential for fun and learning with this group! Check out their website here (it has tons of neat space news, so even if you don’t want to join… check it out)

Do you have a strong opinion and a good sense of logic? Maybe you are even looking to work on your public speaking skills? The Debating Society could be the perfect club for you! You can read more about this awesome club and what they do here.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? York has not one but TWO highly active clubs for you! If you are located on Keele campus you should check out Ministry of Magic who have a neat website here. In the past they’ve had amazing themed parties, formals, and so much more! The Glendon equivalent is The Order of the Phoenix and their Facebook page can be found here.

On that note, if you like reading you should definitely check out Reading Society. This club generally meets once every two weeks for a couple hours to discuss and enjoy books. I believe as a group a new book will be chosen for the next meeting. It seems like a lot of fun and they don’t expect you to go to every meeting so if it works for you and you love reading great books, check out their Facebook page here.

Another great club for those of you that might not be able to commit consistently is Movies at York. Just like it sounds, this group offers free movie screenings throughout the year. You can check out their page here.

The last group is super active. YAMA Anime and Manga Association is a great space and association for those that are interested in not just Anime or Manga but also gaming, board games, and so on. Their website is here and I strongly encourage you to check it out – they have lots of updates and seem to have a great variety of events 🙂

The Best Clubs for Getting Involved

Just to highlight a few…

Able York – York is U actually wrote a great piece about them here – but essentially this is a club dedicated to dismantling the barriers that can be disabling.

Active Minds – this is a great organization that works to provide resources on mental health disorders. They have a fantastic website here and a York specific Facebook page here.

Feminist Action! – if you are looking for some good ‘ol fashioned and MUCH need activism, this is 100% absolutely the club for you. Check out their Tumblr and Facebook page for more info!

Spread the Word – interested in working with highschool students? This group helps promote leadership and awareness so that these students can become active community members. They sound great! Check out their Facebook group here.

The Best Clubs for Cultivating #YUPride

York is U – their motto is ‘Live, Laugh, Lead’ what else could you possibly want? 🙂 York is U will help you network, build great leadership skills, volunteer, get York swag, etc. Check out their website here.

YFS – YFS does a lot of work on campus, especially with some of the big events. They are always looking for volunteers so check out their website and volunteer page here.

Student College Councils – lastly, if you want to get involved with your College – why not volunteer with them or try out for the College Council? All of these can be found under ‘Categories’ and ‘Student Government – College Councils’.

Well that’s all for now! Will you be getting involved in your first year? Which clubs are you going to check out? Comment below!



Megan is a third-year Psychology student. Follow her on her journey of self-development as she explores and ventures through campus.

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