Gym Workouts Can Improve Your Grades

Posted by Jamila on March 4, 2014

Diary of an Undergrad

According to U.S. researchers, students who are physically active get better grades. Exercise and fitness can help improve academic excellence and from personal experience, I find this to be accurate. Last week, I wrote a post about effective time-management and how I’ve been feeling stressed lately. It also turned out that I hadn’t been back in the gym all winter because of the cold and it was starting to make me feel weak. When I started working out with one of my housemates Priscillia, everything changed.

yorku gym
Priscillia and myself at YorkU gym.

It will be worth your while to visit York University’s Tait Mckenzie Centre. If you’ve never heard about it or been there, that’s the campus gym. Membership is only $15 a year if you’re a YorkU student. This fee covers the cost of your shoe-tag, which you are required to wear it at all times in the gym.  It also gives you access to the pool, gym, squash courts and tennis courts. The gym is fully stocked with exercise machines and weights. At an additional cost, your membership also allows you to register for programs offered by the gym such as yoga, pilates and dance. Personal training is also available. Although gym memberships at YorkU expire every year, you can always renew it.

I renewed my membership last month and there’s been a visible difference since I’ve been back in the gym. My level of motivation sky-rocketed. I’m very alert and I have more energy for studying late into the night. I also manage time more effectively. One thing I find interesting though is that I am able to do much more in less amount of time and even when I’ve not slept for a while. This means I read for a fraction of the time I used to and absorb more information. Right now, I can’t tell how much this will translate into a guaranteed A grade but its definitely helping!

Here are some of the overall health benefits I’ve experienced from working out:

  • Increased levels of energy.
  • High mental alertness.
  • Reduced feelings of stress.
  • Better mental and emotional health.


  • Jamila

    Yes! It’s so worth it! You can go in between breaks from your classes or after school just before going home.

  • Sunera

    Great post Jamila! I miss going to the gym and being so active, you just convinced me to join!