March Break? How to prepare for your transition to York U

Posted by Sunera on March 3, 2014

On-board to York

March Break

University is a new environment. It is like starting a new job or moving to a new country. For students starting York University in May or September, I have taken into consideration my own transition and prepared this guide for you all. If you are on March break, then this is the perfect time to make use of this guide and prepare for York University transition. If you are not on March break, I hope you will still find this guide helpful to aid you in your transition to York University.

Book Tours – I attended two tours prior to starting classes. Tours, according to me are the best way to get a feel of the university. Tours help you learn your way around campus – (you will definitely know the major land marks before classes—I can promise you that!) Tours guides are current York University students, who can guide you in the right direction regarding any particular information you require pertaining to the University. Tours are being offered throughout the year, so set aside a day during your March break to check out the University. It will definitely guide you in the right direction for September or May.

Spring Open House After the tour write down any question you have, and bring them to the annual Spring Open House on Saturday, April 5, 2014. You can plan your day online in advance, or on the day of. Professors, students, volunteers, and staff members are all under one location to answer any questions you have about York University. This is a great chance to take faculty specific and residence tours, connect with current student, engage with  professors, explore programs of your choice, and visit one of the booths set up for many aspects for life at York. Best of all; get ready to pose for your best selfies, or group shots by visiting the photo booth to collect your day’s memory!

Explore Programs that interest you  York University offers many programs. March break is the perfect time to check out programs that interest you to get an overview, key factors, and possible career paths. Make note of all the deadlines, and program admission requirements. Most of all, study what you love. You may want to consider if the possible career paths interest you, will you enjoy these possible careers? And, how you can start networking with professionals in your field as you are completing you degree. It is always a good idea to narrow down your choices to a few programs. I applied for two programs at York University, upon acceptance into both; I accepted the one that interested me more.

Think Finance Apply for Osap. Trust me, you want to tackle this during March break, as this can be a time consuming task. Starting this process now will ensure you have completed the necessary paper work, and if you forget something then you have ample time to submit everything on time. Check out the scholarships, bursaries, and explore your options for part-time employment. Consider on-campus employment. On-campus employment has a lot of benefits, which means hours are built around you school schedule, and being able to book off time during exams and major assignments. Best of all, you don’t need to commute to work, and this can save you a lot of time as you earn money and study in the same place! You may want to make a list of your expenses. Check out this budget sheet to help you organize your finances. Also, for mature student you may not qualify for OSAP depending on your income, especially if you have RRSPs. I cashed in RRSP’s prior to getting approved for OSAP.

Know the Services and Support Check out this awesome page ‘Easy Transition and Get Ready For First Year’ for familiarizing yourself with all the great resources offered to students at York University. This page will guide you on Orientation, College life, YU Connect—clubs, Skills for success, Student Community & Leadership Development, Career Centre, Peer Support, Transportation guide, and Child care on campus. Other great services include: International Students Office, Centre for Human Rights, The Centre for Aboriginal Student Community, Transgendered, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay and Allies at York University.

Living arrangements Living arrangements is one of the biggest decisions you will be making while attending university.  Now is the time to consider if you will be commuting to school, or if you want to live on campus then follow this link. Familiarize yourself with the Future Students Residence FAQ . Also, be sure to check the move in instructions.

Commute – Find out everything you need to know about commuting. Will you be driving or using the Public transportation system? Familiarize yourself with the parking lots, and consider the cost of gas and parking if you will be driving. For public transportation, check out all the options for discounts available at York University.

Social Media Yes, York University is on Facebook, and Twitter! Check out our YU Blog, as my team and I blog for future and current students regarding everything you need to know about student life at York University. Feel free to leave comments on the YU Blog, or any questions you may have about your transition to York University. We love hearing from you all, and we will help you out in any way we can!

Enrolment Appointment I you have already accepted your offer of admission, then you may want to attend your enrolment appointment during March break. Log in to  MyFile. If you see “Book/Manage” in the Advising column beside your program name, then you are required to book an enrolment appointment.  Enrolment appointment will guide you on how to make your timetable for a semester, and select the appropriate courses. During this appointment you can expect to find out which transfer credits can count toward your degree requirements, how to pay for your tuition and enrolment fee–(enrolment fee is a deposit to hold your spot in the courses you are registering for, and does count towards your tuition.) During this appointment you can also get guidance on how many credits you want to take per semester, or if you want to take part-time or full-time courses.

Good luck with your preparations! If you have any questions, and comments, feel free to respond below.



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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