Fine Arts Audition Tips

Posted by Kira on February 27, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

For all of you Fine Arts hopefuls, I know how you feel. Auditions are looming (or have already happened for some of you!) and its nerve-wracking to say the least! The other day the York Dance Ensemble (which I am a part of) performed for a group of auditionees in the dance department, and I must say, it took me back to my own audition! I’ve been there, and so I can offer a few pieces of advice to help make your audition as successful as possible.

Accolade East - where many of your auditions will take place.
Accolade East – where many of your auditions will take place.

1. Think of it as you testing out the school – you have to decide to go here to if you are accepted. Thinking of your audition as a sort of test-run of attending York can help calm your nerves, and will help you see if York is a good fit for you in the process!

2. Get here EARLY – traffic, bad weather or getting lost could cause you to come late for your audition. Make sure you leave lots of time so that you aren’t stressed just trying to get here and so you have time to breathe and stretch before it starts.

3. Bring Snacks – nothing can distract you more than a rumbling tummy in the middle of your audition. A couple of healthy snacks will go a long way in keeping you on top of your game.

4. Sleep – get lots of sleep the night before. Being well rested and ready to go the day of an audition is very helpful. \

Good luck Fine Arts hopefuls! Show York what you got 🙂