6 Tips for Effective Time-Management

Posted by Jamila on February 27, 2014

Diary of an Undergrad

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Prepare yourself for the long haul students! For me, it’s that time of the year when essays are due almost every week and the stress is just packing on! I’ve been in the library so much over the past couple of days, I think it might now be my second home – literally. I always try to be on top of things but once in a while you slip into either a lack of motivation or constant fatigue. The main thing is not to stay on the ground for too long by adopting an effective strategy for time-management.

Here are a couple tips I’ve been using and which should to help you regain your sanity.

1. Create a daily to-do list.

2. Order your list in terms of priority or urgency.

3. Set some timelines or deadlines for each task.

4. Don’t spend anytime on procrastination.

5. Maximize your energy peak times to accomplish more.

6. Motivate yourself by planning to give yourself a reward after work is done.

Now that you have some of these tips to help you, keep them close to heart. And when it gets tough, just remember all the reasons you have to keep going!
Good luck!

  • Megan

    You should, I’m sure tons of readers will find it helpful πŸ™‚

  • Jamila

    Actually, you just gave me an idea. I might have to write a blog post called “How to Stop Procrastinating” πŸ˜€

  • Megan

    Great tips Jamila! Although I think #4 is easier said than done πŸ˜‰