Thinking Ahead: The Magic of York’s Degree Progress Report

Posted by Megan on February 26, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

Did you know York has a Degree Progress Report?

The DPR is one of the most useful tools that York offers in that it makes your degree requirements more easy to follow. It is not currently available for every program, and it won’t work if you have a double major or an additional minor, but for the average person, this thing is awesome! They are also working on expanding it’s capabilities so it will likely work for a larger range of people as that happens.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I recommend taking a look at the online presentation that is available here. I’ll also include some pictures below so you get a sense of how it works and what important areas you should keep an eye out for!

An image depicting the top part of the Degree Progress Report.
This is the top of the DPR. It will share your generic information including (and most importantly) any transfer credits you received as well as which ones.
The second part of the Degree Progress Report.
This is the second part of the Degree Progress Report. It goes over the generic requirements and highlights your GPA (the part I blacked out).

Not shown is the third part which are the degree specific requirements. The length and contents will vary on your degree and the year you were accepted to York so I choose to not share mine. It looks very similar to these other parts however.

An image depicting the bottom portion of the Degree Progress Report.
At the bottom of the DPR, you can find this. A list of all the courses you have taken or are currently taking as well as their associated grades. My progress was really messed up from transferring which is why there aren’t as many courses as there should be. I also decided to switch from BSc. to BA so my DPR will change in the future to reflect the new requirements.

I tend to check my DPR at least once a semester. I check it at the end of the Fall and Winter Semester and also in the summer when I go to choose classes. However if you have any concerns about it’s accuracy or if something doesn’t seem right it never hurts to make an appointment with an academic adviser.

And there you have it! Do you find the DPR useful? Have any questions, comments or concerns? Sound off below 🙂



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