Best Smart Phone Apps Every Student Must Have!

Posted by Sunera on February 24, 2014

On-board to York

I recently updated my phone with free new apps. As students apps really help us organize ourselves. I came across some of these apps in the newspapers and magazines that that were suggested for students. So, I decided to compose a blog post and couldn’t wait to share the latest apps with you all!

These apps are compatible with I-phone and Android:

  • Evernote

Useful for: Note-taking, composing shopping and grocery lists, jotting down ideas.
You can take notes on your smart phone, sync them to computer or any other devices you use. Evernote allows you to store photos and voice reminders. The notes update automatically no matter where you’re taking them from. It’s a great tool for tracking things on the go. This app is quite easy to navigate, and user friendly.

  • HopStop

Useful for: Public transportation.
This would have to be my favourite app right now. Great for us students as we commute to unfamiliar grounds often, whether to internships, interviews, jobs, or just checking out different events in the city. The best part is, this app is useful for any kind of public transportation, whether it be bus, subway, taxis, walking or biking. It can also be used in several other countries like United States, France, Russia and Germany.

  • StudyBlue

Useful for: Flash cards.
I find flash cards very messy, and hard to organize. This is a perfect substitute! Great way to save the rain forests, and this app offers other great study tools too.

  • Dropbox

Useful for: Notes, homework files, group projects.
Dropbox is similar to Evernote but better for sharing which makes it ideal for group projects. You can share files with anyone from anywhere. I found this app a bit challenging to use. Using search engines is very helpful in familiarizing yourself with the app. It is great once you get a hang of it.

  • Pulse

Useful for: News collecting app.
News are customized to your preference from different sections. This app is connected to your LinkedIn account, so you also get to discover professional content. I really like this app for commuting at the moment. It is great for catching up on news and staying in touch with your professional networks because you can share articles with your professional peers.

  • Readability

Useful for: Reading articles you didn’t have time to read.
So, you see an article you like but just don’t have the time to read it, then you need readability. This app allows you to send any article, web page, or journal to an application on you phone and read it later on! However, I find sometimes syncing can take a while.

  • Big Oven 

Useful for: Food recipes.
This app has over 250,000 recipes. It has great and creative recipes for left over meals. Whip up your leftovers to create a fantastic dish, or if you don’t have access to a stove then this app offers plenty of microwave friendly recipes.

  • Smoothie Recipe

Useful for: Creating healthy smoothies.
Also, another great food app I love. If you are a smoothie fanatic then this app is for you! If I ever want new ideas when I’m not in the mood for my green smoothies, (which is rare!) I turn to this app. Variety is the key!

  • Candy Crush Saga

Useful for: When you’re bored and passing commute time.
I recently downloaded this game after hearing all the hype surrounding it. After Angry Birds, I am truly addicted to this game. This game is great for passing time, it is easy, fun, and yet challenging at the same time. Sometimes, the updates are a hassle though.

  • York U library

Useful for: Researching at your convenience.
Though not an app, but the entire library resources are accessible via hand held devices. I can search for journals, books, scholarly articles, etc. from my phone. It is great for starting the research process and realizing what sources you can use for your papers.

  • SPARK 

Useful for: Writing papers.
In the beginning of the year I wrote a blog post regarding SPARK. I’m addicted to SPARK especially since you can access this device on your phone. (It is not an app, but nonetheless accessible via hand held devices.) SPARK is the virtual learning commons. Nothing beats assignment support on the go!

Dead cellphone? Forgot the battery at home?

So, you have been using your phone all day long, your phone dies, and you forget the battery at home….Need to recharge? Try the cell phone charging station at York U. This service is operated by YFS and available to undergraduate students. The two stations are located in the YFS office on the ground floor and the second floor. The charging stations are compatible with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, Samsung, and Blackberry phones. In order to charge the phones students must leave the phone with their YorkU Id at the station and retrieve it via presenting their government Id.

What are your favourite apps? Share below! 🙂

Safe travels till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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