Posted by Kira on February 18, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Walking home alone at night is never my idea of a good time! Although I feel pretty safe on the York Campus, my overactive imagination has monsters ready to leap out from around every corner on my walk home. Luckily, York University provides a service to keep us safe from anything out there and ESPECIALLY from my imagination.

goSAFE is a service that you can call from 6pm to 2AM. Two students, (a male and a female) will come and get you from wherever you call from, and walk you to where you need to go anywhere on campus.

goSAFE in action.
goSAFE in action.

They usually will meet you within 10 minutes of your call being placed, so if you can plan ahead you won’t even need to wait! AND because they walk around campus so much, they know the fastest (and warmest) routes to wherever your destination is.

My friends and I used goSAFE a lot, especially in first year. It made it so easy to hang out in the evening and night without worrying about getting home safely. I highly recommend using it while you are here at York!

To contact goSAFE call 416.736.5454.