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Posted by Jamila on February 6, 2014

Diary of an Undergrad

Career Centre Front Desk
Front Desk/ Reception.

After starting school and settling in, one of the most pressing questions students often ask is “how do I find an on-campus job?” Obviously, you need money to survive if you’re not living at home and unless your parents are supplementing your income it’s time for you to start getting paid. The benefits of working where you go to school is that they know you’re a student so you won’t need to make excuses to get time off for classes or studying. Plus, these are part-time positions reserved for students so you get to plan how many hours you can commit while leaving yourself enough time for other things. Also, your commute is shortened. No going long distances just to get from work to class and vice versa. If you’re looking to work on campus, there are resources to help and one of them is the Career Centre located at 202 McLaughlin College on Keele campus.

Last year, I used the Career Centre’s online job postings system to apply for positions and that’s how I become a YU blogger. I’m currently working at two jobs at school – both of which fit around my school schedule such that I can balance going to class, studying and working at the same. Once you have your YorkU Passport login, you’ll be able to access job postings online via the system. You can then search for and apply to positions within the Work/Study, YES and CLAY employment programs that are created specifically for students looking for part-time work on campus. Before you apply, make sure to complete your Student Financial Profile. Even if you change your mind and would like to work off-campus, there are other job postings by external employers. Finally, you can check out what career workshops are available or just sign-up to receive email notifications about upcoming events.

Job Advising Appointment at Career Centre
Job Advising Appointment.

Two weeks ago, I decided to visit the Career Centre in person for a job-advising appointment to get help on where to begin my search for a permanent full-time job in public relations for this summer. Not sure what to expect, I walked into the centre and was greeted by a lady at the front desk. She was very friendly and passionate about answering my questions. Soon after, I booked an appointment and was back for a sit-down with one of their advisors who gave me a few valuable tips. Each experience is unique and yours might be different. We all have different needs but it all ends at the same place – getting a job! I found my experience to be satisfactory, which is why I highly recommend you pay them a visit. More so, did you know the Career Centre will continue to help you while you are a student and up to two years after you’ve graduated? Their commitment to your career success has community, respect, integrity and excellence as its core values.

YorkU Career Centre Workspace
Workspace at the Career Centre.


There are so many tips to help maximize your job search process so don’t be shy to take advantage of the help that’s being offered by York University’s Career Centre. Apart from workshops and advising appointments, there’s a quiet workspace area with a library of employment resources. You can easily come here to work on your resume and use the computers to apply for jobs online.

Please share your thoughts. What is that one on-campus job at YorkU you absolutely wish you had?

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    *helped me meet a professional

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    Thanks for such great information Jamila! The career centre is awesome and they even helped me a meet a professional from my field at York U. They really go out of their way to help students. I am an avid user of the career centre and I love all the resources being offered to really ensure students are guided while looking for jobs! Great Post!