Will I Ever Need to Know This in Real Life?

Posted by Sunera on February 5, 2014

On-board to York

How asking one simple question could lead you to the right program….

My journey to discovering this was a little long, so here it goes!

Discover yourself. I am not the same person today as I was ten years, or even five years ago. Neither will you remain the same as you are today. We are constantly changing, learning, and evolving. Life lessons teach us things which translate into wisdom. These experiences have taught me that no one, and I mean no one, can choose the right program or career for you. I know siblings, parents, and family members can only hope that we will all be the lawyers and doctors of tomorrow, but let’s get real! At times we don’t even realize our own passion. In my case I think I may have forced myself into the field of finance and at that point you are your biggest enemy. Because the money is good or there are jobs in this field–eventually just didn’t cut it for me and I realized that I was in the field for all the wrong reasons.

What are your interests? My interests didn’t lie in looking at accounts and market trends all day long. Was my work satisfactory at the end of the day? Was I passionate about it? NO! There was no social gratification at the end of the day. I feel bad when people get into debt so how can someone like me be manipulating numbers all day long for a living? Working in a fancy office playing with numbers was not my idea of an idyllic life. As I was working, so I was also taking part-time classes. A lot of the times, the subjects I thought I would hate; I ended up loving and vice-versa. This helped me in discovering my interests, and forced me to think outside the box.

Know your strengths and weaknesses – Admitting to your weaknesses can be one of the hardest things to do, coming to terms with it, and then working to improve them is quite a challenge. I am an extrovert, and closed up in a fancy office increasing people’s wealth doesn’t really tickle my fancy. For the longest time I actually thought it did! Because my mind works wonders when it comes to money and finance as I am excellent at budgeting, saving, and spending (who isn’t good at spending? ;)), but that is as far as it goes and eventually I realized it was a couple of factors combined that made me this way. (I discovered myself–once again!)

Witnessing poor spending habits instilled wise financial practices in me. Seeing friends spend scholarship money on trips, rather than putting it towards tuition which could have saved them the OSAP loan, maxing out credit cards because a night of partying seemed rather wise at the moment, and not thinking of the repercussions till you are faced with bitter reality–is not a pretty feeling. Saying good bye to the dream house, or being denied that dream car despite having a good job, because those years are now coming back to haunt you– are pretty atrocious outcomes.

Someone should really teach us about the value of finance through our high school years!! Carrie Bradshaw has my dreams closet with shoes totalling over $40,000, but at the cost of not being able to secure shelter doesn’t really make it a dream closet any more ;). Witnessing these things have taught me to handle finance wisely but that doesn’t mean I yearn to work in the finance industry.

What are you passionate about? Being a mature student, and being in the work force I realized practices that I valued and things I certainly didn’t. But where do you draw the line? Where are our rights? How do I make a change? What is the deal with the free internships? It was a friend completing their graduate studies at a university who first brought this issue to my attention. Hiring was a part of my job, so naturally I gravitated towards the issue of free internships. I started exploring programs that would give me a chance to shed light on this topic.

It is okay to make mistakes….Realizing I had made the wrong career choice and coming to terms with was the hardest part, and finally being at YorkU I am able to fix this big mistake! When people ask me why am I so passionate about my program and about YorkU? It is because I am in the right program, at the right school, at the right time…. I appreciate this chance more than anything. I express my passion and because I carry a huge interest in my program, hence the positivity reflects in everything. Being at YorkU lets my natural creativity and beliefs flow through. For once I actually feel like I’m doing something that I absolutely love.

So will I ever need to know this in Real-life? The answer is YES! If want to make a change in the way things are going. If I want to contribute to positive changes in our society with the implications of virtuous work practices, and gain knowledge in this field, then, Yes. Ok fine… maybe with the exception  of every little sociological theory, I can really see myself applying most of this knowledge to  determine humanizing work from dehumanizing work. Labour law is also one of the courses in my major. Being at YorkU I actually care to get involved on campus. It amazes me to see the events I attend in my major that exemplify the latest issues happening in the work-force, and how to collectively opt for solutions. The issues I hated seeing in the workforce, television, or the newspaper–but didn’t know where I could turn to discuss these concerns. My program empowers me to do that.

Many of us have held part-time jobs that are precarious in nature, which I now realize often exemplify scientific management theory. Through my program I understand that jobs will change, as some jobs that exist today did not exist twenty years ago–such as social media and blogging positions. (I have worked with social media prior to attending York U, as well.) Social media use is a job requirement today but it was unheard of twenty years ago. Being at YorkU I am experiencing one of the best jobs imaginable, and studying where my passion lies. It is amazing how opportunities start knocking at your door, and open endless world of possibilities–once you realize your own passion! And, this is how asking one simple question led me to the right program!


Drive safe till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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  • Jamila

    I am so NOT a numbers person either so I feel where you are coming from. I agree that happiness and not money (although it should pay what the work is worth) should be the major incentive for any career. Follow your bliss!

  • Megan

    Such a great article Sunera, I really enjoyed reading this. This is really how I found the right program too, my first choice was definitely from family pressure and not personal passion.