New at York: Shopsy’s Sports Grill

Posted by Kira on February 4, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

New in York Lanes this semester is Shopsy’s Sports Grilll! It opened a couple of weeks ago and has been a busy spot ever since. Shopsy’s is convenient for students looking to socialize without traveling far from campus.  I went with my friends last weekend and we had a good time!

York Lanes
York Lanes

Shopsy’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they have a great variety on their menu. From French Toast, to Lobster Mac and Cheese, to a Cheeseburger they have everything you could want from a sports bar and more. They also have a fairly large take out menu if you have to grab a bite before class on the run. I just had an order of fries since we went late, and they were really good! Not bad prices either.

It’s got a cool atmosphere, with lots of students milling about. It’s a great place to watch the game with a group of friends, and they have TVs everywhere for this purpose. They have a patio, which obviously isn’t getting much use now, but will be awesome once the weather warms up!

All in all, it’s great that the York campus has another sit down restaurant where it is easy to grab a bite after class and spend some time with friends without travelling all the way downtown!

Shopsy's around noon.
Shopsy’s around noon.


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    really great place, I just wish they’d get “No Mayo on my burger” right, 1/6 tries right, I’m sure it’s a weird computer fumble. I just thought it would have been fixed by now. anyway I just wanted to bring that to their attention.
    Otherwise I really enjoy the place.

  • Jamila

    Lobster mac and cheese sounds great. I keep saying I’ll go there for dinner but haven’t gotten around to it yet!

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    *the menu

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    Great post Kira! I haven’t checked it out yet but there menu looks very good and tempting. Looking forward to my visit!