Move 24

Posted by Kira on January 30, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Every year, the Dance Students Association (or DSA) hosts an event called Move24. This event is a competition focusing on dancers’ choreographic skills and takes place over 24 hours! I think all that have participated  in past years can agree that this was a great challenge for their creative abilities.

How the competition works is that people come together on Friday evening,  divide into groups and choose a choreographer, or decide to work as a group to create a piece. Then the group was given three pieces of criteria; a theme, a prop and a movement phrase. Using these three criteria the groups then had 24 hours in order to create a dance work!

The groups came back together on Saturday evening to perform their piece! This year DSA has recruited Marie France Forcier, Ruth Levin and Jon Osborn (MFA or PhD students in the dance department)to be judges and it is there job to decide which groups best utilize the three criteria in the most innovative and creative ways. There are amazing prizes this year! First place was $200, second place was $100 and third place will receive a Lululemon gift card.

Move24 is bound to be a great success! Originally it was supposed to have taken place this past weekend, but due to unforeseen events, it is postponed so be sure to pay attention to the DSA Facebook group, or follow the Dance Department on Twitter if you want to participate or watch the final show!