The Beggar’s Opera

Posted by Kira on January 28, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

The Faculty of Fine Arts is a busy place right now, with students honing their chosen craft in their second semester of the school year. The busiest students could be those involved in the production of the Beggar’s Opera which started rehearsals back in first semester. It is a Theatre @ York Production, however the Departments of Music, Dance and Digital Media are also involved.

The Beggar's Opera
The Beggar’s Opera

This production of The Beggar’s Opera is functioning as a play within a play. ‘Inmates’ at the Lincoln Fields Correctional Institute are putting on The Beggar’s Opera as part of rehabilitation program of the prison.

There are a couple really cool and funny things to check out before watching the play:

  1. The ‘Lincoln Fields Correctional Institute’ Website – here you can look through the prisoner database and learn more about each one, as well as see their mug shots.
  2. The Facebook Profile of Beckett Benjamin Graff, the Warden – he keeps everyone up to date with the latest news from the prison.
  3. The Twitter Page of Pamela Parker, Reporter – the woman who is covering the production of  A Beggar’s Opera at the prison.

These are all great ways to get immersed in the play before seeing it or if you are not able to make it up to York during the show (it’s also very funny to see your fellow students and friends in their mugshot!). The production is taking place in the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre in the Accolade East building here on campus, and is running from  January 28-February 1. You can get tickets here.

Some of my fellow members from the York Dance Ensemble are dancing in this production with choreography from Michael Greyeyes. I’ve been hearing a ton about the rehearsal process and I cannot wait to go see the show next week!