I Wouldn’t Try This If I Were You!!

Posted by Sunera on January 27, 2014

On-board to York

I picked up a copy of the Excalibur the other day, and came across a very interesting article. If you feel like there are not enough hours in a day then try this out; the article suggested… polyphasic sleep pattern. What is polyphasic sleep pattern? Polyphasic sleep pattern is basically taking several naps in twenty four hours. What?? More sleep sounds great to me! But beware there is a catch. You have officially been warned! The article suggested napping twenty minutes every four hours. Now, I’m not gonna lie I thought the article was pretty interesting and it was a good idea to try this. During exams we often pull sleepless nights anyway regardless of how much we try to incorporate proper sleep we are bound to compromise this! I am super guilty of this. Guess who tried polyphasic sleep this past week?…Yours truly!

My schedule went something like this:

Time for breaky!
Time for breaky!

7a.m- 9:30

Ate breakfast. Showered. Got ready and headed to York U.

9:30 –  10:30

Napped on the entire commute on the Go Bus…Um maybe this isn’t working too well but I’ll keep trying!


Went to class.

11:30 – 11:45

Went to the library to print some stuff.

Don't mind if I do...
Don’t mind if I do…

11:45 – 12 p.m

Bought coffee.

12p.m – 4

Went to work. Worked on my yu blog as I realized….O shoot forgot about my nap! Excuse me boss! Don’t mind If I do…. (Lucky, I still have a job ;))


Attended class.


Waited for the bus.  Attempted to sleep on the TTC…but my lurking eyes just don’t trust anyone on the bus and the seats are just not comfy enough. No sleep what so ever!


Got home. Let’s squeeze the 20 minute nap in now…but I’m so hungry!! Couldn’t sleep. I just kept thinking about food…


Ate dinner, coffee, and dessert! Ok… maybe more like a buffet.


Talked to Fiance. Wished him a good night and continued my mission. Surfed the net, browsed Facebook, did some wedding prep research.


I should really open my books. Started reading. Wow this is crazy productive!

1140-12 a.m

Thank God its nap time….

12 a.m -12:20


12:20 – 3:30


Treated my self to a movie. Got some more reading done.

3:35 – 3:45

O my! Did anyone ever tell you that reading puts you to sleep??

Forced myself to stay awake but it was just not happening. Convinced myself  to switch off the lap top.

3:45 – 3:50

My eyes just weren’t opening anymore! I spotted my kitties, as they were both selfishly sleeping on my bed! They looked so comfy…


Just sat up staring at the wall. Forget this…..



EPIC FAIL!!!!!! Please see picture below…

Now I really, truly wish someone warned me!

Me the next day…maybe this just isn’t for me :s











Trying this on the weekend would have been the wiser choice. Oh well lesson learned! Maybe I’ll try this again closer to exam time 😉 Have you ever tried polyphasic sleep? Let me know, but whatever you do…don’t let your first attempt be on a school day. 😉

Safe travels till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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  • Megan

    I was just going to say that I’ve heard this can take up to a month to really be ‘easy’ but it is certainly an interesting concept. I know that I fall at the longer end of sleep compared to my friends so I don’t even know if I could ever do this – even if I make it big and have tons of spare time 😛 Pretty cool though!

  • Avatar
    Jessia Arsenio (@jessia_arsenio)

    Polyphasic sleep is famously hard to acquaint your body too. But really taking a nap or two during the day and going to bed as you usually do is also a form of polyphasic sleep. The idea is just to have more than one phase of sleep (where the “poly” comes from).

    The particularly insane polyphasic sleep regimen you went for is the style of sleep that da Vinci adopted. He could do things like that because the right people recognized his genius. He was able to snooze while the everyman worked the land because he was on the payroll of the powers that be.

    I would give this another go after you get a few thousand lira from the Church or the Florentine nobility.

    • Sunera

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂 I actually have a friend who is a freelance photographer and a web-designer based out of Thailand, and she has been following this for about a year now. But even she doesn’t do this on weekends or when she has meetings with clients. She says its very hard to adapt to. I agree with you I’ll give it another shot when I strike it rich! 😉