Frost Week Winters Style

Posted by Kira on January 21, 2014

York Stomping Grounds

Sunera already wrote a great post about all of the Frost Week events that are going on for all of York University, but did you know that Winters College also hosts their own events throughout the week as well? Students were able to ‘relive’ the fun they had in Frosh Week, and were encouraged to bring along friends from other colleges as well.

The schedule of events.
The schedule of events.

It was a huge success, making the return to school from holidays much more fun. A great event was the Winters Classic (haha) Hockey Game where two winters teams played against each other and spectators were there to cheer them on! Another amazing event was a throwback to Frosh Week…a Karaoke night! The week ended with an Ice Palace Quad Party which took place in the Junior Common Room in Winters College. Great music and a great time was had by all.

Frost Week is a very special time where the Winters Community gets to come together and continue the fun from Frosh Week. I highly recommend it to any students who want to make their 2nd semester start off with a bang!