Travelling and Student Life

Posted by Sunera on January 8, 2014

On-board to York

Every so often the travel bug bites me. For many of us it is also our New Year resolution. Just because we are University students doesn’t mean we cannot travel. Here are some ways I plan on fulfilling my resolution.


Consider an Exchange Program. You can study, work and volunteer abroad. Check out the Going Abroad webpage at York U.

Check out Travel Cuts in York Lanes. I recently visited Travel Cuts and came across a lot of great deals.

Travel zoo deals – I have subscribed to this awesome site and they have some phenomenal deals that get e-mailed to you. The site has top 20 deals, destinations and local deals.

Pack your suitcases...It's time to travel!
Pack your suitcases…It’s time to travel!


These breaks are perfect for planning longer vacations:

  • Co-Curricular Days – Oct. 31 to Nov. 4
  • Christmas/New Year’s Break – Dec. 22 to Jan. 5
  • Winter Term Reading Week – Feb. 16 to 22

You can always plan a day or two trip around these breaks–perhaps to Niagara, Québec or another city.

  • Family Day – Feb. 18
  • Good Friday – March 29

The summer – You can also choose to study abroad in the summer. Watch out for my next blog post as I will explain the process for summer study abroad 2014 at York U.

How to save and budget for it?

  • Put 25 dollars aside every week. Open a savings account but don’t touch it till you reach your savings goals.
  • Put all coins in a box and cash them in.

    Travelling the student way!
    Travelling the student way!
  • You can throw an extra 5 here or there.

York U can help:

Apply for scholarships.

Attend the York International Study and Work Abroad Fair.

Consider on-campus employment.

You can apply for an ISIC – International Student Identity Card or IYTC – International Youth Travel Card. I found out about these deals by visiting the Travel Cuts site.

Dean’s Circle of Student Scholars Luncheon – This personally was a great experience for as me I got the chance to hear the Dean encourage students for studying abroad. All students invited were promised $750 towards their goals for studying abroad and were guided where to turn for help for the process of studying abroad and applying for scholarships.

Some of my favourite travel blogs that I follow:

  • On the Luce – One of the first blogs I followed for travelling. The author focuses on her travel goals including how to travel without breaking the bank as she describes herself –“not a rich traveler and not a poor traveler.”
  • Alex in Wanderland – A New York traveler who upon graduation from University is pursuing her travel dreams.
  • HecKtic travels – Follow the adventures of a married Canadian couple.
  • Matt Gibson – Great blog for outdoor adventures. Some topics discussed are snowboarding, skiing, and surfing.
  • Mummy travels – Who says travelling is impossible with a baby?
  • SOLO TRAVELER – I love this blog for solo travel ideas though I am not much of a solo traveler.

Don’t forget to pack for a purpose as you’re travelling! If you want to earn credits while fulfilling your love for travelling then watch out for my next week’s blog posts for everything you need to know about York U study abroad program!­­­­  

Bon Voyage till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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