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Posted by Megan on January 6, 2014

Journey to the Centre of York

Hello readers 🙂

Today I’m going to detail some great online resources that you can use to stay connected with what’s happening at York University. This is useful information for everyone but some of you that are more introverted or shy might benefit in particular, so I encourage you to read ahead! And for students that are interested in attending York, these links will give you an inside look at York’s online community 😀

Every day

York University Facebook & Twitter – this is pretty self explanatory. Everything you need to know, right from the school itself. This includes giveaways, events, and security updates.

YorkULife – YorkULife is a website that I run with some friends. We post updates, content (such as articles), events, and we even answer questions from students. I’m obviously a bit biased but YorkULife is definitely a website that can be checked daily. There is also a YorkULife Facebook and Twitter for easier access! The biggest draw with this resource is that it heavily community based and it offers such a wide range of resources (including course feedback, so go check it out). Some of us have even made friends through here 🙂

Once a week or so

Excalibur – Excalibur is one of York’s community newspapers which also has a great online website. They accept submissions and generally have 1-2 new articles every week day. Some of the submissions are controversial while others are eye-opening and informative.

YFile – yFile is York’s daily news centre. You can find information about events, York in current news (Toronto Star, etc), research findings, and more. It’s definitely a bookmark-worthy website and it highlights York’s greatest achievements which I think could be quite effective at combatting negative stigma about York.

As often you want

The following are resources that could be looked at as often as every day or as little as once a month. It’s up to you!

Facebook Social Pages – Facebook social pages can be really useful not only to keep up with what’s happening on campus but also to network and form connections with your fellow peers. However there are SO many different groups and pages that I recommend searching some yourself. Some popular ones include:

REDZone blogs – check out this awesome resource, it’s a feed of all the REDZone ambassador’s blogs. They have a mix of post types, some that are more silly while others provide great tips and insight. Usually there is a new post every day or two and most posts are extremely relevant and funny!

York Events Feed – the events feed is amazing! It features useful seminars, art exhibitions, festivals, themed days, and more. There’s a lot of hidden gems in here so I strongly encourage readers to check the events feed at least once a week or so 🙂 A lot of the activities are free or are quite cheap which makes it easier for students get involved. You might even score a free lunch! I recommend checking out this page at least twice a month but it’s definitely up to you.

What are your favourite online resources? Comment below!




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