Refueling during your Winter Break

Posted by Kira on December 17, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

School can be a grueling process, and the end of each semester is probably the most gruel ling of all. With all of the exams and papers and projects it is so easy for students to get burnt out. That is why taking full advantage of your winter break is important! Coming back refreshed in January is crucial for ongoing success and happiness.

Relax – after all of the exams and papers are over with, take a day or two to sleep in, watch TV, read a book, and reconnect with friends and family. You’ve earned it after all!

Fresh Air and Exercise – utilize your time off to go outside – skate, toboggan, go for a walk…get some vitamin D that you are sure to be missing when stuck inside studying or in class, and get your blood pumping!

Walking around Toronto in the winter is beautiful!
Walking around Toronto in the winter is beautiful!

Organize – once you’ve taken a well deserved break from even thinking about schoolwork, take some time to organize for the upcoming semester. Update your calendar, buy any supplies you need, and make sure you are completely caught up before classes start again. You’ll be able to start fresh and ready for whatever life could throw at you.

I hope everyone’s holidays are relaxing and fun!