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Posted by Sunera on December 16, 2013

On-board to York

I always say that comfort zones are dangerous but when it comes to studying, you definitely want to find your favourite comfort zone on campus aka your favourite study spot.

It can take a while till you discover the campus and realize study spots that are perfect for you. As a commuter student, home can be full of distractions–from your iPhone, to television, friends, food, and even pets! Yes, even pets…don’t believe me?? Check out the gallery below! I know they are super, super cute and I don’t have the heart to take them off my books. They are spoiled…I know. Honestly, this usually ends up being from study time to spend time with your furry friends.

Of course after this–I usually end up coming to schoolIf you live on campus–well then the campus is your world! Living in the centre of York U; you are steps away from all the amenities. Here is a list of my top 5 study places at the moment:

5. McLaughlin Study Lounge – It is located in the basement. This place is equipped with tables, chairs and outlets for computers.

4. Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building – It has couches and some places are open 24/7, so I hear. I love grabbing a couch and studying away.

3.  Scott Library – Look for these signs in the Scott Library. The Collaboratory which is a conversation friendly zone, and if I’m seeking pin drop silence then I head over to the Sound & Moving Images Library, or Map Library.

2. Stacie Library – The basement. This basement is fully equipped with computers and has printing services too. It is not very busy and I’m always able to find a computer.

Are you ready for the number 1 spot? Drum roll please…….

…….. We are getting closer!


1. Vari Hall — 2nd floor. This space works best for me and this is where I find that I am most productive. This area has benches and outlets for the laptops. It is super peaceful; barely any traffic, and has the best view with super-sized windows. Sometimes students are playing guitar on the main floor. I love listening to that in the background. I relax here with my coffee and food, and I can study here for hours!

Study places are personalized preferences. York U being the 3rd largest University in Canada. It can take some time while you find your ideal spot. Meanwhile give these a shot and soon in time you will discover your perfect study spots.

Share with me–what’s your favourite study spot on campus?

Good luck on exams everyone and safe travels!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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    Thanks for the great suggestion! I’ll definitely have to try it out now!

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    Lassonde building is great for studying as well. I love it