The Best York U Event Till Date:Digital Cultures Research Celebration

Posted by Sunera on December 11, 2013

On-board to York

Digital Cultures Research Celebration Invitation

On Friday, December 6th York U hosted the digital cultures research celebration co-hosted by six of York’s Faculties in collaboration with the Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation (Information from: YFile site.), and I was lucky enough to attend the event.

The event highlighted the research of York U professors. A former graduate student and a University librarian were also a part of this event. The topics ranged from augmented reality storytelling, copyright in the digital domain, sound, affect and digital communities, social media and oral culture at Ugandan heritage sites, digital technology design and librarian, and information systems. (Information from: YFile site.) One of the goals of this conference was to expand digital culture research in alliance with the government and other universities. Each presentation was concluded with a five minute questions and answers session.

Caitlin Fisher:

Spoke about computers, science, and engineers coming together to work with artists and story tellers, and innovative projects taking place in the Augmented Reality Lab at York U. Professor Fisher explained the AR lab focus:

  • New stories for new screens.
  • Interactive Cinema.
  • A lot of community workshops.
  • Paralleled universes and fairies.

Professor Cailtlin Fisher explained that most of her PHD students are not Fine Arts students but from Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. I couldn’t help but realize that being a LA&PS student; I aim to do my masters degree in Culture and Communications, as well. Professor Caitlin also shed light on “Breaking the Chains” which was a big project at York University pertaining to Rail Road history. She further explained that this work requires a lot of patience; the tremendous success is achieved through abundant challenges as this work is not limited to failure.

Carys Craig:

Shed light on the relation between digital era and copyright. Professor Craig talked about her book Copyright, Communication and Culture: Re-Imagining the Copyright Model”. She further went on to explain how copyright laws have changed, and digital culture should not be seen as a threat to the copyright system–rather, the copyright system jeopardizes developing digital culture.

Mary Leigh Morbey, with Mary Pat O’Meara:

Presented “Social Media Engages Oral Culture at Ugandan Heritage Sites”. Ugandan Heritage Culture Program highlights the diversity of the Ugandan culture and history. This project integrated the Ugandan citizens to capture their lived experiences and what was important to them.  Purpose of the program was:

  • To present the culture as it may become a lost heritage.
  • Reflect heritage sites that were important to the Ugandan citizens.
  • To capture the culture through social media.
  • Word press is the main platform being used and then branched out to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Because of the budget limitations and the rich culture history; help is still needed to translate the work done on this project. English is the main language in Uganda but is not limited to Bantu, Central Sudanic, Nilotic, Swahili and Luganda that are also widely spoken. It is hoped that through social media people will come forward and translate the stories published in various Ugandan languages.

Various topics that were discussed by other guest speaker but were not limited to:

  • Sound experiments with different species even owls! (Yup, I’m pretty sure this is what I heard.)
  • Improved access to speech rehabilitation using computer games.
  • Improved engagement with speech therapy for children.

For a complete list of topics covered by each guest please visit the YFile news.

This event was a great opportunity to learn about the Digital world, and the hard work involved leading to ground breaking discoveries. It was perfect for anyone interested in furthering their studies in this field, or if you entertain hobbies pertaining to the digital world.  A guest in the audience posed a question on scientists working with dolphins to translate their language. I am very thankful to have attended this event, especially when I’m considering my graduate studies in Communication and Cultures. To learn of this research taking place at York U is one the hundred reasons why I am one proud York U student!

Here is the event photo gallery I put together  for you all:

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post!



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