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Posted by Kira on December 6, 2013

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Learning is a skill unto itself. Think about those people in your classes that everything seems to click. They understand, they can memorize, they can write amazing papers. While it might seem that it just comes naturally to them (and this could be true), they could also have just found strategies that work for them! Luckily for those of us who aren’t naturally gifted, we can get a little bit of help in this area.

Learning Skills Services provides a bunch of resources for students in all programs here at York from those in first year up to those pursuing a Masters or PhD. Their goal is to teach students how to be the most effective and efficient students they can be. There are a number of different ways they provide help.

Learning Commons
Learning Commons

The first is their workshops. These cover different topics like time management, exam preparation and note taking. One the top right hand side of this webpage is where upcoming workshops are listed.

Drop-In Sessions are really useful if you have a small learning skills issue that you need help with, or a study question you need answered. You can utilize this service on the 2nd floor of Scott Library, in the Learning Commons.

One-to-One Sessions are the most personalized service offered. York students can sign up for a one on one meeting with one of the Learning Skills Specialists. Here, you can work with a specialist to find strategies that work for you!