Exam Period – Top Tips!

Posted by Kira on December 5, 2013

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Exams are one of the many staples of student life. In university, exams are generally worth more, and are harder than exams were in high school. So how do successful students cope? They keep their stress in check! Here are the techniques that I use that help me keep a cool head.

  • Eat healthy. It is so easy when you are really busy with assignments and studying to just buy fast food instead of making a proper meal. But you will feel much better, keep sickness at bay, and have more energy if you eat healthily. Check out posts by my fellow bloggers Sunera and Megan for some healthy and quick recipes.
  • Get enough sleep. At least 8 hours a night folks! You’ll be able to focus better, which will enable you to have quality study time.
Time for a nap.
Time for a nap.
  • Ensure that you have packed everything you need for the exam. It sucks to get there and have to scramble to borrow a pencil. A bottle of water is a great idea as well!
  • Before you write an exam, take a moment to breathe deeply, maybe stretch your arms above your head, and stretch out your neck. This can help to calm you down and make you less anxious before the examination starts.

Any other great strategies that help you ace exams? Comment below. And good luck on exams everybody!!!

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    YorkU Student

    Exercise when you have time. Take a little time out of your day to go for a run or to the gym to help you focus.