Dating and University: Cute Budget Dates for Students

Posted by Megan on November 18, 2013

Journey to the Centre of York

Hey guys!

This week I’m writing articles on dating and relationships while in university. Depending on your feedback, I might write more posts on these subjects in the future. So if you like what you read, please comment and let me know 🙂

I’ve found that there are two quite distinct views about dating and/or being in a relationship while in university. Some students are okay with it and others are not. My personal belief is that it is possible, but it does take good time management skills and prioritizing much like anything else.

I met my partner while I was in highschool (5 years ago!) and since then he’s finished college and found a full time job and I’ve started university, transferred to York, and we’ve gotten a place together. We’ve always appreciated each other and made each other a priority and in that sense our relationship has been amazing. However, much like most students can relate to, we’ve certainly had our share of school and work-related stress and even financial difficulties. The financial difficulties that we’ve overcome were the biggest  inspiration for this post.  Now, enough about me – how about those cute budget date ideas I promised.

Date #1 – Photography on the trails (free)

One of my favorite budget date ideas is checking out the trails near campus. I think they are nice year round, but on a sunny day the trails can be gorgeous. This is a perfect date for nature lovers, students who want to be active, or even students that are interested in photography. You can walk or bike, and even bring along a camera to get some nice shots.

Walking at a normal pace, the trails are only a 10 minute walk from the Pond residence at the south end of Keele campus. I’ve altered an image from Google maps so you can see where to find the trails:

This image depicts a map from Google maps, highlighting the walking and biking trails around York University campus. A red dot was added at Sentinel and Four Winds Dr as a recommendation of where to access the trails.
The trails can be seen in green. I recommend starting at the red dot (Sentinel and Murray Ross). Note: you can use the Google Maps website or app and toggle ‘bicycling’ to bring up the trails. You can even use live mode to follow the trails if you are worried about getting lost.

Believe it or not, both sides of the trail are quite scenic. I recommend walking towards the forest if you want a nature walk or if you want to take some pictures but you can also walk the other direction, past the field and across Keele if you admire industrial beauty mixed with fields. It’s pretty stunning!

This is a free date but you could easily up the wow factor by packing lunch and snacks for two along with a thin blanket so you can find a nice spot and have a picnic. You should be able to fit everything in a backpack or two. Just make sure you wear comfy shoes especially if you want to explore off the trail like I do – the grass can get pretty wild in between cuttings.

Date # 2 – Day trip at Black Creek Village ($14 per person – more for souvenirs, if you want to buy lunch, etc.)

To me, this date idea is super unique. Black Creek Pioneer Village is somewhat of a hidden gem, about a 15 minute walk from Vari Hall. Location wise, it’s directly across the street from the Canlan Arena on Murray Ross Parkway.

Black Creek Village hosts some fun seasonal events such as A Haunted Village at Halloween and Christmas by Lamplight around Christmas time. They also have regular admission which is only $14 with your student ID. $28 for a fun, potentially day-long, date isn’t too bad. Because of the price, I do recommend that you save this date idea for the weekend.

You can check out weekly activities here, check out the interactive map here, and see some awesome pictures here. I encourage you to check out their website even more to learn about the different displays and features that they offer. You can follow a tour or participate in a historic program or you can wander freely and explore. I recommend this date option to history lovers, students interested in photography, and really anyone that is curious about Black Creek or that wants a small blast to the past. This date has the potential to be quite cute!

Date #3 – Events at York (free-cheap)

York offers a couple of different events calendars and feeds which I highly encourage everyone to check out. Whether you want something fun to do with friends or with a date, there is a wide variety of free and extremely cheap events on campus to participate in.

York’s overall events feed can be found here.

Sports fans, check out York’s sport calendar here. You can switch from upcoming events to a calendar view. Just make sure that the games you want to attend are located on campus (ex. it should say ‘at York University’). The best part about this option is that York has such a wide variety of sports teams, there should be something fun to watch for everyone. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for bigger games that are advertised – foodies will likely benefit from the food trucks that are brought onto campus 🙂

Fans of music and the arts can check out the fine arts events feed here. Some amazing events can be found in here and the best part is that most of the events are FREE! Events include music and dance performances, art exhibitions, and even movie screenings amongst others.

And that’s all for this post. Let me know what you think of my date ideas below and if you’d like to hear about more in the future!



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