Best Late Night Snacking

Posted by Kira on November 14, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

As a student, there are going to be a few nights during your university career where going to sleep before midnight just doesn’t happen. This can occur when you have a huge midterm the next morning, or because you are hanging out with friends and the fun continues long past the usual time when you head off to your room. Luckily, York University has some food joints that understand this.

1. Falafel Hut – One of the classic late night snack joints on campus. They are open until 2am Monday to Saturday and midnight on Sundays. They offer their usual wraps, schwarma, falafel and other meals. They also have slices of cheesecake along with chocolate bars and chips if you just need a snack.

Falafel Hut.
Falafel Hut.

2. Hero Burger – A newer addition to York Lanes, this place is open until midnight every night of the week. A great place if you need some french fries or even a hamburger!

3. Second Cup – Always open until midnight. This place is a favourite for those students who are studying into the wee hours of the morning. They offer a caffeine fix to help you get through your school work, along with some treats like brownies and cookies.

Second Cup
Second Cup

4. Pod Express – Located close to Scott Library, this place offers pizza, coffee and sandwiches. And for exam period, they are staying open until 5am Monday to Thursday. This is perfect for those students who are studying for exams and need something to keep them going.

5. Order pizza – Sometimes you are so busy studying that you don’t have time to walk across campus to get food…it needs to come to you. And this is the time to pick up your phone and call Pizza Pizza to get food delivered right to your front door (or your residence building).

With these four options, you can be sure you won’t go hungry even if it is past the conventional dinner hour.

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