Where’s the Busiest Spot on Campus on a Thursday Night?

Posted by Kira on November 7, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

The answer is the Absinthe Pub. Part of Winters College, it is located around the corner from the College Council. Obviously many Winters affiliates frequent, but it does attract a wide range of students. And so many come on Thursday night (aka Pub Night) that the line up is often out the door to get in!

The Absinthe
The Absinthe

So what makes it so popular? There are a few key features that I think makes it such a great spot.

1. The Food – The Ab has some prime food options that are favourites for customers that go there often. Their Pita pizzas are a perfect size for a snack while hanging out. Mozza sticks are very good here and are always eaten fast. And their nachos combine the best of all nachos; lots of cheese, veggies and salsa!

2. The location – since it is on campus, it’s so easy to get to even if you have an evening class. And for us students that have an early class on Friday morning, it’s not a big deal to leave early enough to get a decent nights sleep. The patio is is also a huge draw especially in the fall and spring when the weather is nice.

3. All York Students can Go – you don’t need to be 19 to have fun at the Ab! Come on out, get a rootbeer float instead (they are SO GOOD!) and hang out with your classmates.

4. Special Events – The Ab often hosts theme nights where everyone can dress up, as well as acoustic nights and band nights where York’s amazing musicians can showcase their music.

In addition to being a pub at night, they also serve as a coffee shop and restaurant during the day. It is great for lunch or dinner, and they have daily specials so you can always get something new. And if you have a meal plan, it is accepted here!

This is definitely a must at least once during your time at York University. Bring along a group of friends, or go solo and makes new ones, don’t worry, it’s easy at the Ab.

  • Megan

    I hate to admit it but I haven’t been here yet, so I definitely have to add this to my list of things to try out this year 🙂