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Posted by Sunera on November 4, 2013

On-board to York

On September 26, I attended the Career Fair and it was kinda hard to miss if you were on campus as signs were displayed throughout the campus.

Career Fair sign that welcomed me.


York annually holds two career fairs – fall and winter. Volunteer Fair will be taking place on November 14. Career Fair is a great option to start networking while completing your degree. Why wait till your degree is done? Positions employers offer at the fair range from full-time to part-time. Some employers I spotted were Celistica Inc., Ministry of Government Services and Toronto Police Service. For complete information regarding the Career Fair and the employers involved, be sure to check out their page.

Career Fair busy with potential employees and employers.


I checked out the information page for the Career Fair before attending in person. It is very helpful to glance at this page as it is full of helpful tips. I really took into consideration some of the advice offered on this page which I must share with you all:

  • Make sure you keep breath mints – I love going to the dentist, (I know everybody thinks I’m weird!) because I’m meticulous about my teeth and fresh breath. I have a toothbrush and floss in my bag, ( I used to keep them at work too, feel free to make fun of my obsession; my friends all do!) Honestly, this advice made me so happy, last thing you want to do is give potential employers the impression that you lack in personal hygiene.
  • Welcome the employer to York – A firm hand shake and welcome, make a wonderful impression and show you’re a pleasant and professional individual.
  • Don’t Hog – Be courteous to others, if the employer is looking over your shoulder then you have over stayed your welcome.

These are all the tips I took from the website and practiced them. Just remember – the first impression lasts a life time! Resume and cover letter writing workshop stations were available to students as well. I attended the workshop and the career counsellor gave advice on polishing my resume. Next step for me, is to attend the resume and cover letter work shop offered by the Career Centre to perfect my documents.

Winter Career Fair is scheduled for January 23, 2014 – so be sure to check it out.

I have changed my mind several times as to what career would be ideal for me. After being in finance/retail sector for over 9 years, I would love to shift towards the education field. What is your “dream career”? Have you often changed your mind and what careers are you contemplating? Comment below and let me know!


Bon Voyage till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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