Invitation to Dean’s Circle of Student Scholars Luncheon

Posted by Sunera on October 30, 2013

On-board to York

I was on cloud nine after viewing my summer grade report and promised myself to stay focused to excel my performance each term. Recently, I received an E-vite to attend the Dean’s Circe of Student Scholars thus I was beyond delighted to receive the invitation and to have my hard work recognized. This is an exclusive group of students who have a GPA of 8.0 or higher and high-school students who attained over 90th Percentile or higher. Upon acceptance of this occasion’s invitation, my motivation to flourish academically was times a hundred.

cloud nine
Me Jumping with Joy!


The career fair took place the same day sanctioning my reason to get my “professional look” on. Students were welcomed at the Underground Restaurant with the buffet starting at 12pm.  The menu included Halal chicken, vegetarian options and desserts. Welcomes and speeches by Dean Singer, Associate Dean Spraakman, and alumni guest speaker Jamil Jivani started at 12:30pm. Students had an opportunity to meet with the Deans and guest speaker at this event to have their photographs taken.

Because us students love to eat!


Jamil Jivani talked about his transition from York University to Yale University. Listening to Jamil Jivani, made me realize the importance of getting involved which thankfully I enjoy. Jivani spoke of the various volunteer organizations he was involved with and as years passed he took on more responsibility each year demonstrating to employers his capacity of working under pressure and being in managerial roles. This in particular is great advice for students who have never had a job, getting involved with a club and aiming to be the president or vice president would showcase to employers your ability to excel in a leadership position. Check out Jamil Jivani’s YouTube video below as he talks about his journey from York to Yale!


Where is Jamil Jivani now? It’s great to see former students you can relate to. Jivani mentions his average was not high enough to get accepted in to university and seeing where he is now reminds me of my favourite quote, “If you think you can do it you are right, if you think can’t you are right again.!”

I love challenges that give me the opportunity to grow and change my perspective, to learn new things and achieve higher goals, motivate me to perform better academically and professionally. There’s no better way to start University than hearing motivational speakers encourage you further. Associate Dean Spraakman also talked about the importance of studying abroad. If this was not a sign, I don’t know what is! I am thankful to the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, and York University for acknowledging our hard work.

Let me know your plan for giving that special touch to your degree. Are you planning on working, volunteering or joining a club? Will you be working on campus or off campus? Perhaps you’ll be working and joining a club….Comment below, and ask away any question you might have for me.


Safe journey till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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