Intramurals at York

Posted by Kira on October 29, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

In addition to watching sports, playing is also a good time…and luckily York has a place where you can do just that! Intramurals is a huge program here at and I highly encourage you to join in on the fun.

Most intramurals are team sports and it is very easy to join! Just contact your college council representative either by going into the office or sending them an email. On the York U Lions athletic page there is a list of all of the representatives so it’s simple to sign up.

Yay sports!
Yay sports!

There is something for everyone. From basketball to cricket to ultimate Frisbee you can have the experience of being on a team and meeting weekly to practice or play. However if that is too much of a time commitment with your busy schedule, there are one off events like RAGE dodge-ball where teams of 6 get together and compete all night long. There are also drop in tournaments for badminton 3 on 3 basketball and dodge-ball.

There is an added level of incentive to participate. The York Torch is awarded to a single college at the end of every year. Points are given for each team that participates and there are extra points given to winning teams in the competitive level of intramural sports. Last year Stong College won it so I know all of the other colleges are looking to beat them this year!