The Creative Arts Students Assocation

Posted by Kira on October 22, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

The Creative Arts Students Association, or CASA, is a form of student government that encompasses all of the departments within the Fine Arts Faculty. They are there to represent fine arts students to the administration, but they do so much more than that!

For one, their online presence is awesome. They have a blog that they keep updated with upcoming events, as well as cool quotes or ideas for all artists. Their twitter page is updated often, and it’s a great way not miss a thing within the whole faculty. Not to mention they are great at getting back to students via email ( in case you are wondering).

In addition to keeping us updated on events faculty wide, they also put on their own events. They have weekly free coffee houses, often located in the Alumni Fireside Lounge, from 11:30 until 1:30. They are a great place to connect with other students! CASA is also putting on ‘Constellation’ which is ‘A Celebration of Fine Arts at YorkU”. I’m intrigued as to what it’s all about!

Students can also apply to CASA for grants. They have given grants that have been as much as $500! So if you are interested in creating some sort of larger scale project that you need money for, CASA is a fantastic resource.

CASA has an office space in the Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts in Room 164A and they welcome people to drop by, ask questions, or just say hello! You can’t miss it, the door is fantastically painted.

The CASA Door
The CASA Door


  • Sunera

    It’s one of those hidden gems at York! Thanks for letting us know Kira.