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Posted by Sunera on October 21, 2013

On-board to York

YU Belong!


So, what really is the difference between starting school in September versus May? Most obvious difference is all the volunteers around school busy welcoming new students. This year I participated in the YU-Belong event. The purpose of YU Belong was to welcome new students and make their transition in to the University smoother. I remember, not too long ago when I hardly knew any buildings. The countless number of students who stopped by to help me, as I tried to navigate my way via maps probably looking more confused than I can imagine.

I couldn’t wait to learn my way around school, so I used to explore the campus every time I was here. I would always take a different way, altered exits, viewed You-Tube videos, went on two tours, I would purposely get lost so I could learn. What I’m trying to tell you is – I hate being lost! Within a few months, I knew the campus amazingly well. Finding classes was a breeze in September. I knew, if I ever saw another student who was lost, I would always lend a hand.

I learned about YU-Belong and without further due signed up. I wore my badge from September 4th to September 16th. It was amazing to meet so many new faces. I came across many different questions from scheduling, room numbers, building locations and book store inquiries, etc., and I was more than pleased to help. It really helped me to start school in May because I was settled in before the campus got busy.

Me rocking my YU-Belong pin!

It was also my first time being on campus in September. School was lit up with different events, people cheering, and festivities happening. The campus was as busy as Toronto downtown had been for The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Toronto streets were glimmering with people, star gazed vision of hopeful people waiting to catch a glimpse of celebrities, dressed in their best to impress. TIFF took place from September 5 – September 15 this year. It’s honestly a very cool experience even for people like me who are not in to the whole celebrities’ scene. That’s exactly what the campus reminded me of, the festivities, the colours, it was just very vibrant!

It has been an awesome start to the year with the YU-Belong event kick starting the year, and by connecting with so many new students!

Let me know in the comments below; if you would like to see YU-Belong Ambassadors on campus as a new and future student to York? Did you spot us on campus? Or if you were a Yu-Belong Ambassador, share your experience with me. 🙂


Bon Voyage till next time!



Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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