On the Road Again: Mature Student Status

Posted by Christiaan on October 16, 2013


So, this again

… and by “this”, I mean school, university, education.

It’s never too late to “pursue your passion(s)”, and more education never hurt anyone (that I know of). Potential employers respect education and admire expertise more. Plus, “mature” is just a label. Don’t feel old or discouraged, feel confident and motivated.

Speaking from personal experience, I already have one undergraduate degree and am now pursuing a second undergraduate degree in an academic field in which I have a strong passion for and a burning desire to learn more from and about. Before I even started classes, I was thinking: “I will be the oldest person here.” Hyperbole, anyone?

So why am I back in school? And more importantly, why am I at York University?

I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science (from a different university). After my undergraduate degree, I pursued an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Public Relations. I worked (sparingly) in public relations, social media and blogging for about two years while longing to learn more about sexuality. With a bout of (what I thought was a career direction) company restructuring and being let go (on more than one occasion), I decided it was time to “pursue my passion” in studying sex(uality). This led me to York University. York U is one of two universities in Ontario to offer an interdisciplinary degree in Sexuality Studies. I will use the knowledge gained from my political science degree to “upgrade” my academics in order to pursue a graduate degree (in Anthropology – Social) at York University.

So there’s a brief introduction of who I am, what I’ve done (so far), and why I am at York University. My blog will focus mainly on mature students and prospective graduate students, with some little tidbits on LGBT culture here and there. Find me on Twitter for more “in-depth” coverage of LGBT culture, both locally and internationally.

Visit the York University Mature Students blog to learn more about York University and what it is like to be a mature student. For more information on the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-Time Students, click here.

For more information on undergraduate programs offered at York University, click here. To apply to York University, click here.

Remember, it’s never too late to “pursue your passion(s)”. Fulfill them with York University.


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