Nix the ‘tude, dude

Posted by Christiaan on October 16, 2013


Check the attitude, age, and assumptions at the door.

So you want to be a rock super star, live large, with your big cars? Kidding, kind of. What you really want is to be a mature, undergraduate student at York University (if you aren’t already). So what if you’re 43? Are you really going to let the fact that someone 21 years younger than you is actually supposed to be here? And by this I mean they’ve finished high school, so the next step is postsecondary education. Don’t worry about living life the way you’re supposed to live life: it’s the 21st Century, things have changed. Do what you feel is right and pursue what you feel will allow you to live your own, fulfilled life.

So why are you at York University, or why would you like to be at York University?

So. Many. Reasons.

Maybe you’re here to advance your career? Maybe you’re here because you want to “upgrade” your academic record from a previous undergraduate degree (with the intention of pursuing graduate studies)? Maybe you’re here to pursue your passion(s)? Maybe you’re here because you just want to learn more (and there is nothing wrong with that). Whatever the reason is, there is nothing wrong with pursuing postsecondary education for any of those “maybe’s”.

It doesn’t matter how old you are; it doesn’t matter who you think should be on a university campus pursuing an undergraduate degree; and it certainly doesn’t matter that you think you shouldn’t be here, because you should. And you want to be. And you know you can be.

… You totally just had an epiphany, didn’t you? GOOD! Now what you need to do is choose a program and then apply to York University! You can apply for Fall 2014 or, if you already have an idea of what subject area you want to pursue, Winter 2014. Click here for a list of programs still accepting applications for Winter 2014. You know you want this. Get it.

Visit the York University Mature Students blog to learn more about York University and what it is like to be a mature student. For more information on the Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-Time Students, click here.



This is the space where you can come and decide your future with no pressure(s). I like funny things, like watching people get scared. Hilarious.

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  • Megan

    Great post, brilliant message! It might not be *easy* to go back to school as a mature student, but no one should let that stop them from furthering their education. I’d love to educate myself my whole life if I can. The world is changing so quickly around us, I want to keep up 🙂 And I admire others that take that path too! The people that matter would never judge you for going back to school, that’s my opinion anyways.