Changes at York this Year

Posted by Kira on October 10, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

Cucinetta, for Italian Food
Cucinetta, for Italian Food

Times are a-changin’ here at York. It seems that every which way I turn something looks different than it did the day before. Many first year students wouldn’t realize, but lots of things have been updated this year! I am a big fan of the many improvements that have occurred over the summer, and are still in the works for the school year.

Thai Express in York Lanes
Thai Express in York Lanes

For one, the food options in York Lanes have greatly expanded. We now have a Thai Express, which totally satisfies any cravings for noodles, rice or soya sauce. Cucinetta is a new Italian place serving pizza, pasta and sandwiches, as well as espresso and freshly baked goods! Be sure to check out their specialty flatbread sandwich, called a ‘Piadina’. Qoola is a new place to go when you have a sweet tooth. They offer frozen yogurt and a ton of different syrups and toppings, and even have some meal options. Not to mention both Indian Flavour and Falafel Hut have redone their store fronts and interiors, and they look great!

The newest fro yo place on campus...Qoola
The newest fro yo place on campus…Qoola

Our WiFi on campus has also undergone some changes. In addition to Air York we now have Air York Plus. The difference is that once you connect to Air York Plus on your device, it will automatically connect when it is in range. This is a huge improvement as it was always a bit of a pain when you would shut your laptop when doing homework and have to log back in again. Air York Plus is running in many buildings already around campus…you can check the list here to see where it is available!

Sports fans will love the improvements that have happened over at the main stadium. A new turf was installed this summer and it looks great! From what I’ve heard it is good to play on as well, but I can’t say I’ve had the chance to try it out myself.

These changes on campus are making life easier for students every day. I’ve had a great time trying out the new food options on campus, I enjoyed watching the football team play on the new turf, and Air York Plus is making getting homework done that much easier!

I couldn't resist!
I couldn’t resist!
  • Megan

    I couldn’t resist Qoola either, it’s so good! I can’t wait to try out Cucinetta now 🙂
    Great post!