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Posted by Megan on October 2, 2013

Journey to the Centre of York

Hi everyone!

For my first post I’m mixing it up. Instead of introducing myself, I’m going to be introducing one of my awesome coworkers – Christiaan. You’ll get to learn more about me a little later 😉

Speedy Q &A with Christiaan of I’m/mature.

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How old are you? I’m 26.

What program are you in? Have you studied anything previously?  I’m in Sexuality Studies. I previously attained a degree in Political Science at McMaster.

What’s your favourite aspect of York? The location. York’s campus is still located in Toronto, but it offers the other side of Toronto, the one away from the downtown life that Toronto is known for. I also like the mature student atmosphere. I was surprised that there were other mature students in my classes.

What is your major goal for this year? Academic success. I want to get high grades so I can apply to York’s MA in Anthropology.

Describe your blog in one sentence. I really want to focus on mature students, but with a youthful perspective – taking the ‘mature’ out of ‘mature student’.

Do you have any advice for incoming first years? If you aren’t aware of what direction you want to take in university, that’s totally okay. Get rid of all the pressures on yourself and follow your interests. You can always go back to university, like I am, to pursue new-found interests. Just do what makes you happy.

You can check out Christiaan’s blog I’m/mature here.

Check back soon for the start of my Introducing the Blogger series, where you will learn a little bit more about my background and experience at York.




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