The Res-Life: York U Housing and Residence Options!

Posted by York & U on June 4, 2013

York & U

Have you ever wondered what residence life in university will be like? As first year students, you have the advantage of being guaranteed residency at any of the seven Keele Campus Residence buildings or two Glendon Residence buildings! Students have the ability to choose which residence building they would like to live in, however to make the decision easier, each building is associated with a specific faculty. This means that students from similar programs are able to reside in the same building through our [Living-Learning Communities Program]. This ensures that new students especially will have an extended support system once they start university. They will quickly meet other students in their programs and classes and will be able to attend study sessions in their faculty specific residence building.

Residence dormitories are available in two different styles. The single dormitory style is 106 Sq. Feet, where as the suite-style residences in which two or more students share the included ensuite bathrooms and kitchens. Students with a minimum average of 90 per cent have the advantage of being guaranteed a single room if requested on their residence application before the June 1st, 2013 deadline. Don’t wait, [Apply now!] As a brand new York University student, you may be wondering whom you will be living with in your dorms. Students who know of a friend also staying on residence have the ability to identify them as their desired roommate on their residence application. Other students are able to choose to be paired up with a roommate through a compatibility questionnaire and then be introduced prior to moving in and making a final decision.

Students living in the GTA have the difficult decision of choosing whether to live on campus or commute. Fortunately, We offer a number of different [York Transportation Services]. Commuters have the ability to drive, use the Go Transit, the Brampton Transit, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) or the YRT/Viva Transit. The frequency of the transportation depends on the popularity of the specific route. The most frequent transportation arrives on campus every ten minutes where as the least frequent transportation arrives on campus once an hour. Discounted Metropasses and GoBus faires are available to students using most transportation services. Students driving to school also have the ability to save money on transportation by selecting to park in open parking lots as opposed to garages on campus.

The choice to live on campus or commute depends on a students priorities revolving around what will make life easier on them during university. Students planning to take a full course load of 30 credits and who expect to find themselves at the library for the majority of the week are encouraged to give residency a try, at least, for their first year. Living on residence has its advantages. For one, students are able to take advantage of always being only minutes away from their classes, all of our four Keele Campus libraries, and the gym. Living on campus is especially convenient when students have large breaks between their classes.