Save the Date: A Reminder on Residence and Housing Application Deadlines!

Posted by York & U on May 31, 2013


Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!

A term you will quickly get used to once you are in university. This blog is intended to be a quick reminder to keep you updated on housing application due dates. York University has seven undergraduate residences located at our Keele Campus and two other undergraduate residences at our Glendon Campus. Approximately 1600 of out our 4000 residence students are in their first year of university! Students attending York in September 2013 are urged to have submitted their housing applications by June 1st, 2013. But, fear not! If you are unable to submit your application by this deadline, York will also be accepting applications throughout the remainder of the summer.

All residence applications are accessible and expected to be submitted online through [MyFile]. Where as other information regarding York University housing is located at [Future Students Residence].

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    I am a new graduate student. Recently I’ve been informed that they will give me housing. The point is that I want someone to share an apartment with me. Does anyone have any ideas how I can find a roommate?

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      Hello! Just to clarify, the application due date posted in this article is only for undergraduate students.

      All information on apartments for graduate and mature students can be found here: You will also see a link to the application and other relevant information such as a virtual tour of the apartment buildings.

      As far as finding a roommate is concerned, (as advised by the Graduate and Mature Student Housing Department), you are responsible for finding your own roommate, and unfortunately there are no official programs linked to the department to help with this process.

      However, what most students do is create a flyer to post around the campus describing their work and study habits and what they expect in a roommate, for example; age, gender, focus of study etc. with contact information. You can also post this on social media if you are looking for a quicker response.

      Hope this information was helpful! For more information I would suggest visiting, calling or e-mailing the department directly!

      Room 105 – 340 Assiniboine Road
      4700 Keele St.,
      Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3
      T: 416-736-5152
      F: 416-650-8008

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        Thanks, Kren!

        Anyway, maybe you can give me a clue about finding York community website or smth like that?

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          Hey Andriy! Unfortunately, the best advice I can give is to give Housing a call directly. There are no official online York sites which aid in finding a roommate, however if you do some research online you may be able to find a few websites geared at that content! Best of luck!