Posted by Kira on May 3, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

The school year is coming to a close for university students. And while summertime is an exciting time here on campus, there is a feeling of an ending as April finishes. Some students are graduating, others (like me) are realizing that they are one step closer to completing the university education. A thought that is exciting and terrifying.

This is a time that has a wide range of emotions. There is sadness in saying goodbye to friends until the next semester. And it feels weird to know that I won’t be going to class and following my school routine for many months. But it is also exciting to switch that routine up, start summer jobs, and see old friends that you don’t spend much time with during the year.

For future students, this time of year is exciting as well. Learning of your acceptance to your top schools, decisions of which school you’ll attend, where you’ll live and what courses you’ll take. I would suggest using your summer to prepare yourself for university. Getting supplies you’ll need, deciding what belongings you’ll bring to your res room, or figuring out how you will commute every day.

I hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing and exciting summer, especially so that you are ready for a new semester at York when fall rolls around.