The Benefits of Being a York Student

Posted by York & U on April 26, 2013

York & U


As a York student, there are plenty of reasons why you should jump for joy.

As an undergraduate student at York, you will gain access to an abundance of resources that will help make your academic career as stress free as possible.  The York Federation of Students (YFS) represents the entire undergraduate student body, and offers resources that help to reduce both your stress and cost of living while you’re at York.

All undergraduate students are automatically enrolled into the YFS Member’s Health and Dental Plan. The plan covers extended health and dental insurance to all students. These benefits include things such as up to 75% on dental work and up to 80% on prescription drugs. If students already have comparable insurance, they may opt-out for a refund. Visit the YFS website for a detailed list of what is covered by the Health and Dental Plan.

Consultations with lawyers and accountants can be costly on a student budget. In addition to health and dental coverage, the YFS provides students with free legal advice and a free tax clinic. Visit the YFS office at 336 in the Student Centre for more information about these services.

The issue of food insecurity on campus has resulted in the YFS run Food4Thought food bank. As the only on-campus food bank at York, Food4Thought offers students an array of health food options free of cost. Students who wish to pick up or drop off food, may do so at room 337 in the Student Centre. In addition, the YFS provides students and faculty with access to the Good Food Box program. This program allows members of the York community to access a wide variety of seasonal fruits and veggtables at a low cost. For more information on the Good Food Box program, visit room 106 in the Student Centre.

The aforementioned services are just a few of the many benefits that the YFS offers. For a full list of services and benefits offered by the YFS, visit their website.