Frosh Week

Posted by Kira on April 23, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

O-Week, Frosh Week…all of these are phrases you’ve probably heard, and they all mean the same thing: New Student Orientation! It’s a tradition of pretty much every university to plan a bunch of activities over a period of about a week for new students. The purpose is to let students get to know their new school, make new friends, and adjust to university life.

Here at York, we usually call it Frosh Week, and it is set up a bit differently here than at other universities. Each college plans their own Frosh Week, and as a new student, you will spend all of your time with the college you are a part of. This makes it really fun, as each college has their own traditions and events, and it allows for some good hearted rivalry to build between colleges!

I participated in the Winters Frosh Week as that is my college and the residence I lived in in first year. I had an absolute blast! I made some great friends (who I am still friends with today), and got a glimpse of the culture of Winters.

Some of the activities that I did in my Frosh Week were:
• Moving In – moving into residence was an event unto itself. My parents pulled up to the residence in our minivan, and a swarm of Frosh Bosses all screaming and dressed in red carried everything into my room within minutes! That might sound kind of frightening, but trust me, it’s just really fun.
• Quad Parties – dance parties that go late into the night held in the quad in between Winters Res and Winters College. Be prepared for some sweet dance offs.
• Value Village Walk – we walked 20 minutes to Value Village in order to buy a hilarious costume for the themed quad party that night.
• Downtown Tours – different themed tours that are held over Toronto, the awkward date tour was a personal favourite of mine.
• Cheer Off – Winters versus McLaughlin College had an INTENSE cheer off one night. You’ve got to experience it to know.
• The dinner/dance cruise – got to see the Toronto skyline from Lake Ontario, eat a decent meal, and dance!

My ‘Rock on Winters’ frosh week bracelet

If you don’t live in residence, and don’t want to miss out on the late night fun, don’t worry! There is a room for commuters to sleep in, which is another great way to meet friends.

All in all, Frosh Week is the perfect way to start your university career, and I highly suggest participating!