York's RED Zone

Posted by Kira on April 18, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

The first thing every new student should do when coming to York is check out the Red Zone. It’s an orientation program for incoming students that does a great job of giving the information needed in order make a smooth transition to York!

Current students at York run the Red Zone, which is great because they are immersed in York life…which means new students will be able to get the most updated answers to their questions! They are very knowledgeable about all the areas of York life like Colleges, extra-curriculars, where the best spots are to grab something to eat and where the quietest places to study are.

The Red Zone’s summer program starts in May and runs until the end of August. As a new student, many of you will come to York for a tour, or to sign up for courses and a stop by the Red Zone is a must. The Red Zone representatives will be able to answer both student’s and parent’s questions.

Their website also hosts blog posts done by members of the Red Zone covering all areas of York life. Definitely check it out, especially if you can’t make it to campus to talk to them in person. This transition map is another great resource. It gives new students an idea of what their first year at university is going to be like.

Visiting the Red Zone during the summer before my first year was really helpful! All of the students working there did a great job of making me feel welcome, and answering all of my random questions about life at York. Hopefully this resource will help you too, when preparing for your first year at York University!