The Village @ York University

Posted by Kira on April 16, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

In the past two posts, I’ve discussed two different living accommodations for students, living in residence and commuting. However what do you do if commuting isn’t an option, and res life doesn’t sound like it will be a good fit for you?

The Village is a residential area adjacent to York’s Keele Campus. Many students, especially after their first year, choose to rent a house with some friends while they get their degree. It has many benefits, the greatest being how close it is to campus. On average the walk to school is 10-15 minutes!
edge of the village in winter.[/caption]

I currently live in a four person house in the Village with some good friends of mine, and I am really happy there. I’ve found that I have more freedom in terms of buying my own food, and having guests over than I had in residence. I also have saved more money this year as I was able to be thriftier about food and other necessities. However there are some disadvantages. I spend more time doing things like grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning then I did in residence. Depending on who you are residence could be the better choice! For me though, I like being able to have more independence!

It took us a long time to find the house that we did. It involved walking around the Village looking for ‘For Rent’ signs, calling lots and lots of landlords, and seeing a bunch of houses. So if you are looking to find a place, be patient and be prepared to put the time in!

Hopefully one of these three options sounds appealing and will work for you!