On-Campus Living

Posted by York & U on April 12, 2013

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An example of a residence room in Pond Residence on the Keele campus.

Although many York students commute to campus on a daily basis, commuting is simply not an option for the students who come to York from different parts of the world and country.  For students who don’t live nearby — or who want to experience living on-campus — York offers a range of residence options that will ensure students have an exciting and unique university experience.

York offers a wide range of residence options, which include living arrangements that cater to the specific needs of undergraduate, graduate and mature students. York provides a total of nine undergraduate residence buildings across two campuses. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to choose between dorm and suite style residence rooms, with both co-ed and single-sex floors offered. All styles of residence are supervised by upper-year students known as dons.

Undergraduate residences also offer different floors that cater to specific student lifestyle needs. For example, some buildings offer specialized floors that house students from specific programs of study or backgrounds. For instance, Pond Road Residence contains Global House which consists of two floors of students from all different countries.

Graduate students and mature undergraduate students are also given on-campus housing options with the York Apartments. Located on the south side of the Keele campus, these buildings offer bachelor, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments for students and their families. Apartments come with both furnished and unfurnished options.

Besides having a mere 2 minute commute to class, residence offers students a valuable social experience that will most likely carry with them throughout most of their life. Dons often organize social gatherings and outings that will help you socialize and become close with all of your floor mates. In addition, living in residence often means living on your own for the first time. Living away from home is a great way to become more independent and gain valueable life skills.

No matter what style of residence you choose, each building comes equipped with a 24-hour security guard, CCTV cameras and a silent alarm system to ensure residents stay safe at all times. The dons also provide 24 hour support to all residents.

Applications for residence for September 2013 are now available on the Student Housing website. Incoming students must apply to residence by June 1, 2013 in order to be guaranteed a spot.