Commuting 101

Posted by Kira on April 12, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

Sometimes, living at home, or from a location off campus is a better option for students. It can offer the opportunity to save money on living costs, have the support of family, or be a better location for other aspects of life. However, it does require that the travel time to get to campus is going to be much longer than the res students who can roll out of bed and make it to class in less than 10 minutes.

I have never commuted, however I talked to a friend of mine who commuted every morning to York during her first year. Her commute was over an hour long, and she had to be at class at 8:30am every morning. She is definitely an experienced commuter!

Here are Mikaela’s top tips of making commuting via public transit better.
• Don’t rush. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get to school even with delays to avoid getting upset and stressed about being late.
• If you are traveling alone, bring something to entertain yourself…an iPod, a book, study notes, and small snacks. There is also a Sudoku in the Metro (which is a free paper offered Monday to Friday available in many TTC stops and stations)
• Find the method of payment that suits you. Use either a student card with the monthly pass, or purchase tickets or tokens. Have your form of payment ready when boarding the bus or subway. There is a student discount on the metro pass which you can learn about here, as well as other options offered by the TTC that can be found here.
• Say thank you to your bus driver. They appreciate it!

There are many benefits to commuting, and hopefully these tips will make the time spent traveling more efficient and more enjoyable.