Being Admitted is Just the Beginning

Posted by York & U on April 5, 2013

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Receiving notification of admission to York is no doubt exciting; however it doesn’t mean you can breathe that sigh of relief just yet. There are several important steps that every student must take after receiving that much anticipated offer of admission.

First and foremost, you must simply accept your offer of admission. This can be done through your MyFile account or through OUAC. Remember that you are only allowed to accept one offer. If you’re interested in two different programs, it would be best to speak with an academic adviser about the possibilities of declaring a double major. This can be done during your enrolment appointment.

Speaking of enrolment appointments, booking an enrolment appointment is the next step you need to take after accepting your offer. You can book your enrolment appointment online and you must book with the faculty that your program belongs to. During your enrolment appointment, you will sit down with an academic adviser to go over any questions you may have regarding course selection. Your academic adviser will also assist you in making your academic schedule for the year. All students must attend an enrolment appointment and you must book your appointment by the deadline stated on your offer of admission. If you do not book your appointment by the stated deadline, your offer could be withdrawn.

Students who live out-of-province or out of the country are still required to book an enrolment appointment. Unlike students who live close to York, these enrolment appointments will be completed via email, however all the crucial information will still be covered. If you aren’t automatically prompted by MyFile to book an alternative appointment, please call your Faculty Advising Office.

After you have attended your enrolment appointment, you will need to pay your $450 enrolment deposit to ensure your spot is held in your desired courses. The deposit will later go towards your tuition fees. The deposit must be made within five business days of enrolling in your classes. If you fail to pay on time you may be at risk of being de-enrolled from your courses. For more information on how to pay your enrolment deposit, visit the Student Financial Services website.

After you have completed all of this, you should also consider where you’re going to live in September and how you’re going to pay for school. Check out the Student Financial Services website for information about financial options. You should also make sure to apply for residence, if necessary. Information about applying to residence can be found on the Student Housing website.

If you have any further questions, please visit us at Spring Open House. Representatives from all of York’s Faculty’s and programs will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Staff from all of York’s service provides will also be on hand to discuss topics like finances, student housing and extra-circular life.

Remember that all offers are conditional. York reserves the right to withdraw your offer if you fail to maintain your admission average; do not meet the conditions on the admission letter; do not accept your offer by the deadline given; or do not book your enrolment appointment by the deadline stated.


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    Danyah al nayar

    Thank you so much for letting us to know.. i have accepted the offer, but im waiting the replay from the university.. until then.. i’ll book the enrolment appointment!

    Thanks again for everything…