Diversity at York

Posted by York & U on February 22, 2013

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In the past, Toronto has often unofficially been labeled the most multicultural city in the world. This label given to Canada’s largest city is often seen reflected at York, with the schools diversity celebrated throughout the year.

A recent survey of the York student population showed that over 50% of students are part of a visible minority group. In addition, the school currently houses over 2,900 international students from 155 countries. In celebration of this diversity, York holds events throughout the year that encourage students to showcase and celebrate their culture. Held every February, Multicultural Week is one of York’s most popular on-campus events. The week includes showcases that display different cultures, including traditional clothing, food, cultural dances and much more. The fun filled week allows students to celebrate their culture and embrace the diversity of the York community.

Flags hang in the Student Centre as part of Multicultural Week.

In addition to the events of Multicultural Week, York offers many clubs and organizations that are based around different types of diversity, including clubs that are associated with cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and sexual orientations. These clubs are operate year round and are available for all students to join. These clubs also hold events throughout the year that celebrate diversity in many ways. For example, the Tans, Bi, Lesbian, Gay Allies at York (TBLGAY) organize pride week events in June, and play host to events that celebrate diversity in sexual orientation.

If you wish to approach diversity from an academic standpoint, York offers many courses, majors and certificates that address diversity studies.Visit the York courses website to browse a full list of courses offered. For a full list of certificates and degrees, visit the Future Students website.