Staying Healthy is Easy with Health Ed

Posted by Kira on February 1, 2013

York Stomping Grounds

As a student, staying healthy is extremely important. Schedules are packed, and there is not enough time in a semester to waste even a couple days on being sick. Luckily for students at York, there is an entire team of students and staff working towards educating the York community on all the topics that a typical student would be interested in. This past Tuesday I talked to Danielle Stein, the Peer Health Education Coordinator about all of the ins and outs of the Health Ed team.

Danielle explained to me that “Health Ed is all about students teaching students about different health issues, and disseminating health information to allow students to be able to make informed decisions about different health issues that affect their life.”

Health Ed has about 70 students that work on different teams that cover every topic imaginable. Each student is educated and trained in a specific topic so that they are more than capable of answering questions. The teams are:

– Active Living Team
– Alcohol and Other Drugs Team
– Glendon Team
– Health Ed in Residence
– Leave the Pack Behind Team
– Men’s Team
– Mental Health and Stress Team
– Nutrition Team
– Peer S.H.O.P. Team
– Running Relief Team
– Sexual Health Team

Health Ed  programs like Leave the Pack Behind assists students in quitting smoking. The Running Relief team is a running program that takes place at York’s Track and Field Center. Peer S.H.O.P. is a sexual health outreach program which can be found in the Ross building at York.

Students can find the Health Ed team around campus. They are easily recognized by their neon green t-shirts and obvious excitement and passion for educating students. Every Wednesday, one of the many Health Ed teams is in Vari Hall with an info display along with a fun game. They partner with many groups on campus to put on events. There is Health Ed In Residence member to work with the Dons to provide students with the information that they need and want most.

You can find them on many social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or you can email them privately with any questions at

We are lucky to have such a passionate group of students and staff working towards helping York Lions be as healthy as possible.