Steps to Take After Applying

Posted by York & U on January 28, 2013

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Okay, so you’ve applied to York. Now what? Sit back, relax and wait to hear back? Not exactly. Submitting an application is just one step in a series of many. Here are some things you should start thinking about and acting upon after applying.

Supporting Documents

The supporting documentation you are required to submit it dependent upon what program you’re applying to and where you’re applying from. Students applying to the Schulich School of Business, Education, Social Work and some Fine Arts programs must submit a supplementary information form. Forms can be access through MyFile and are available about 48 hours after your application is received. Make sure to submit this form by the stated deadlines in order to still be considered for acceptance. Some fine arts students also must complete an audition or evaluation.

To see what documents you are required to submit, visit your MyFile account or review the required documentation page.  It is important to note that all documents must be official originals and received directly from the home institution. Documents are to be sent to the Office of Admissions.

Visit campus

If you haven’t already, make sure to come visit campus in person. Tours are led by current York students who will gladly answer any questions you may have, along with show you all key campus areas including classrooms, residence buildings and common areas.

Tours of the Keele campus take place several times a week and can be booked online. Students who wish to tour the Glendon campus are encouraged to fill out an online form to book a weekend or weekday tour.

Come take a tour and familiarize yourself with the York campus before September.


Do you know how you’re going to finance your education yet? There are a wide range of ways students can finance their education including a number of financial awards and borrowing money via the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Students are encouraged to keep their grades as high as possible in order to be eligible for a number of financial awards, including the York University Entrance Scholarship; granted to students with an average of 80% or higher.

To apply to scholarships offered at York, students are encouraged to fill out the Entrance Student Financial Profile, available through MyFile account.

Living Arrangements

Are you going to live at home or live on-campus? You don’t need to decide right this second, but it’s a good idea to start researching as soon as you can. York offers a wide range of on-campus housing options catered to the needs of undergraduate, graduate and mature students. All first-year students admitted directly from a full-time secondary-school program who apply by the deadline (June 1) are guaranteed a spot in residence . For more information on residence, visit the Student Housing website.

Keep Grades High

If you receive an admission offer it is important to note that all offers are conditional upon your final grades. If your grades drop below the stated requirements, your offer of admission could be withdrawn. Keep your grades up, submit all required documents and you should be good to start in September.

Now all you have left to do is check your application status frequently. You can monitor your application through your MyFile account. If an acceptance appears, be sure to click accept as soon as possible.

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    Tashi Miller

    Thank you for your email. I will be visiting the campus as soon as possible for a tour and to submit my transcript and other supporting documents. Thank you.

    I am still having issues with the program choice as I want to study English only.

    Thank you

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    Demi francoeur

    I receive an email telling me I had other information to fill out such as transcripts and to check my file and when I did my file said it didn’t need any other information. So what do I do?