Get a Head Start on Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

Posted by York & U on January 8, 2013

Get In The Know

Let’s face it; a university education isn’t exactly inexpensive. There are many expenses that come along with attending post-secondary including tuition, books and housing (just to name a few). York acknowledges that university is a big expense for most students, which is why York offers students the option to apply for a wide range of scholarships and financial awards.

There are three different types of awards offered to York students which include bursaries, scholarships and awards. What is the difference? Well bursaries are based primarily on the financial need of a student, while scholarships are primarily based on academic achievement. Awards are a mix of the two and take into account academic achievement as well as financial need.

York University gives students the opportunity to apply for a wide range of financial awards, scholarships and bursaries. Some awards have additional criteria to marks and financial need such as volunteer work or participation in sports. Other awards may be based upon a students program of study or area of interest.

Make sure to review all the possible ways to help pay for school including scholarships, bursaries and awards.

To search for awards offered at York, students are encouraged to browse the awards search database. This database allows students to view all financial awards, scholarships and bursaries offered at York. Students are able to narrow down their search based on faculty, type of award and international or domestic.

In addition to awards offered through York, students are encouraged to browse awards available through external agencies as well. Visit the external awards website to learn about external award opportunities.

Students who have applied to York for a Fall 2013 start are encouraged to browse the database in order to get an idea of the criteria for scholarships offered at York.  For more information about fees and funding for future students, visit York’s fees and funding website to learn all about the wide range of financial awards offered to students.