Being Career Focused

Posted by York & U on January 1, 2013

Get In The Know

While it is expected that students set academic goals for themselves, it is equally as important for them to focus and work towards future career goals. Located at 202 McLaughlin College, the Career Centre provides students with opportunities to grow and explore within their desired future career path while still in school.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job or looking to build on your skills, the Career Centre offers students a number of services to help them career wise. Students looking for employment should be aware of the Centre’s online job posting system, which allows students to browse and apply for a number of different job positions including on-campus employment, full-time careers and part-time jobs. Both current students and new graduates have access to the Career Centre’s job listings. In addition, the Centre hosts both fall and winter career fairs that allow students to meet with a wide range of potential employers face-to-face.

The Career Centre is located at 202 McLaughlin College

Many students start their undergraduate degree without a future career goal in mind. Career Centre workshops on topics such as what to do with your degree, self-assessment and exploring future career options help students to think of potential future career options and work towards their goals. Workshops on job searching, professional etiquette and graduate school are also held by the Career Centre throughout the year. Note that all workshops are free for York students.

Workshops offered by the Center are recommended in conjunction with the Centre’s My Career Plan tool. The tool allows students to personalize their career plan and track their career progress. The tool encompasses four main themes within career development and gives students access to workshops, events and suggested readings. The sections titled ‘Learning About Myself’ and ‘Exploring My Options’ give students a good starting point for exploring future career pathways.

No idea where you’re headed after graduation? Head over to the Career Centre for ideas about potential career options and pathways. You could end up in an exciting career you never expected.